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TohaaDesign develops its collections in collaboration with renowned and emerging artists.

Camilo Ortega F. alias Corte

Corte, a native of Santiago, is an emerging Chilean Street Art artist, born out of graffiti.

Through a game of lines, peculiar to calligraphy, he questions the problems of society. He signs works in a very contemporary style.

Gabe Weis

Gabe Weis is a mixed media artist living in the Bay Area. His work is influenced by his travels throughout the world and his time spent up in Rio de Janeiro. His fascination with collage, cubism and urban art inspires him to create art every day.


KHOSRAVI's creations have a dreamlike depth that invites you to travel. Happily blending various influences, it testifies to a horror of emptiness and reveals an overflowing imagination.

His brightly coloured works catch the eye that details infinitely, a multitude of motifs rubbing shoulders in an anarchy, perfectly organized ... very "Pop Art".

LaBoogy Industrie

A French artist, LaBoogy Industrie has been drawing since his earliest childhood, giving free rein to his imagination without any limits. He gladly shares his productions with the general public.

His art comes from urban culture with his daily life as inspiration. The works of LaBoogy Industrie carry a message of love and mutual aid.

Marc C. Woehr

Marc C. Woehr (*1973) is a contemporary German artist known for his sculptural wooden reliefs and monumental city paintings. This artist who derives from the graffiti movement now exhibits his energetic works through various techniques in international art galleries.

Sam Elgreco

A native of Sao Paulo Brazil, Sam Elgreco chose Buenos Aires to study fine arts and design.

His early sketches were influenced by the graffiti movement of the time. Motivated by the idea of breaking with the classical forms of geometric assembly, he refines his technique in order to obtain a perfect fusion between space and his pictorial art.

Now an artist in his own right, he participates in various projects in Buenos Aires, Punta Del Este, Sao Paulo, Barcelona, London, Mexico City, Washington, DC and Tokyo with public spaces, private entities, museums and art galleries.


SKWAK is an artist from Lille with a rich and colourful universe. He accumulates the characters in a universe full of great freedom with a unique and colourful style. His works, on the border between Robert Combas and Keith Haring, place him at the forefront of new artists who are using their illustrations in a variety of media.

SKWAK has collaborated with many brands and regularly exhibits his paintings in France (permanent at the Art To Be Gallery Lille) and during temporary exhibitions or artistic events in France (Centre Pompidou, Lille3000, Lille Art Fair, ST'ART Strasbourg) and abroad (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Lisbon, Hamburg).


Zokatos is a Parisian artist who has lived in London.

Brought up by the counterculture of the 90s, he naturally leaned on streets as a field of expression. Through graffiti, he has managed to retain an evocative strength and a certain conception of painting.

His work then evolved while maintaining the tools of street art. He himself defines his style as "modern abstract expressionist".

Tierney Milne

Tierney Milne is a Montreal-born, Vancouver-based artist and muralist who focuses on interrupting people’s day with positivity. With a background in Psychology and a keen interest in how simple shapes and colours affect our wellbeing, Tierney combines intentional compositions, bold palettes and vibrant patterns to bring her work to life. Whether using murals, tactile installations, stop motion videos or light-hearted lettering, her main goal is to inject a sense of child-like wonder and create joy for viewers.