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Bishop Parigo

Bishopparigo, born Nicolas Poirier, is a 38-year-old self-taught Parisian artist with a fondness for contemporary urban environment, at ease in a merry colourful universe where smile is king and relaxed attitude is master.

Early 2000, still a teenager, he developed a passion for street art. Wandering through the streets of Paris, he collected artworks for his inspirational portfolio and started to bring into being his own universe.

It is only a few years later that he created his symbolic fantasy bird, his trademark, Bishop bird to incite viewers to rediscover their sense of childish wonder.

Multifaceted, Bishopparigo asserts his style everywhere and on everything. His creative journey started in his favorite playground, the streets, exhibiting his collages in the streets of his native city. Then, he moved on to children’s books illustration, he gets his inspiration from this universe he’s familiar with and particularly appreciates. A little later, he turned to painting, new artform, new approach… Bishopparigo works intensely and is forever reinventing himself thanks to collaborations with many other artists.

Over the past 10 years, Bishopparigo has succeeded in making his style evolve without altering his universe which led to his collaboration with big brands such as Google (launch of Google Home), Flik Flak watches (Swatch group), MADE (launch of Lifestyle products range), Eastpack (13 Art Fair, 1st edition), Pull In (capsule collection), Mini Cooper (Motor Show), Les Enfoirés (video clip 2018), Crédit Agricole (Office decoration), Toms, Casio -G-Shock and many more…


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