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Reinventing the ordinary

Resulting from a perpetually renewed collaboration with renowned artists, TohaaDesign is a contemporary art gallery that reinvents the style of toilet seat covers. Totally unique pieces that you will not find anywhere else.

Finally, toilet seats with a difference

The French brand TohaaDesign revolutionizes the decoration of your toilets and bathrooms by collaborating with world famous artists and designers. Made from high quality materials, our "Signature" toilet seats can be installed on any toilet in a few minutes!

A novel concept

Breaking away from conventions, TohaaDesign initiates cutting-edge collaborations with renowned street artists, to personalize this intimate zone with a touch of excellence.

With strict specifications; the manufacturing and printing processes are essential so as not to distort the art, and remain absolutely faithful to the original canvas. 

After months of research, testing and fine-tuning, the project is successful, meeting high standards of quality and durability.


Artists & collab’s

From New York to Paris via London and Mexico City, TohaaDesign is increasing its collaborations with the most prominent artists of the moment.

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Shower Curtain

With TohaaDesign, the shower curtain is freed from its strictly practical aspect to become a real decorative asset. Made from a moisture-resistant fabric that's lightweight and easy to maintain, this all-new range turns your bathroom into a true art gallery. To choose from our large collection of artists from the international contemporary scene.
Ideal for dramatizing and personalizing your favorite place of relaxation and privacy!

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