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Crazy Maniac by Skwak



89,00 €

SKWAK is a French artist with a rich and colorful universe.

His creative universe, "The Maniac World", is made up of alternately colored or bi-chromed dazzling moments.

SKWAK exhibits his works all around the globe, from Paris to Los Angeles not to mention Shanghai.

Each "Crazy Maniac" copy is overprinted by SKWAK and protected by copyright.



At TohaaDesign, we use our expertise to offer you noble, high quality and latest generation materials.

All the models in the Signature collection are signed by the artist overprinted on the lid. 

Particular care is taken on the finish of our flaps, sublimation is ensured by the application of an extremely shiny lacquer.

TohaaDesign toilet seats are made from a high density MDF wood (18mm thick), allowing a more generous lacquering and optimizing comfort, solidity, maintenance and aesthetics.

All our models are equipped with a universal fixing system that guarantees simple and quick installation. This modern system can be unclipped for easy maintenance.

The stainless steel hinges are equipped with a sophisticated, integrated double soft close drop brake for added security and privacy.

Our range is adapted to all models of toilet bowls which are to European standards. In case of doubt do not hesitate to contact us by mail at : service-clients@tohaadesign.fr

Material : MDF compressed wood

Finish : Glossy and lacquered on 4 sides

Installation : Simple and quick, universal mounting system

Weight : 3,4 kg

Hinge : Inox & Zinc treated

Comfort : Secure soft close system with integrated fall brake

Warranty : 2 years

Maintenance : Rinsing and drying required



SKWAK is an artist from Lille with a rich and colourful universe. He accumulates the characters in a universe full of great freedom with a unique and colourful style. His works, on the border between Robert Combas and Keith Haring, place him at the forefront of new artists who are using their illustrations in a variety of media.

SKWAK has collaborated with many brands and regularly exhibits his paintings in France (permanent at the Art To Be Gallery Lille) and during temporary exhibitions or artistic events in France (Centre Pompidou, Lille3000, Lille Art Fair, ST'ART Strasbourg) and abroad (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Lisbon, Hamburg).

Width : 38 cm

Height : 5,5 cm

Length : 45 cm

Fixing centre distance : 10 cm mini - 20 cm maxi

Find this product in a limited edition gift set

TohaaDesign encourages you to purchase this unique box which contains, an original Fine Art edition of the work "Crazy Maniac" numbered and signed by the artist SKWAK, in addition to the Signature range lid.

This lithography is limited to 300 copies and delivered with its certificate of authenticity.

Author SKWAK - @mrskwak

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