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The genesis of an idea.

Paris, a Saturday night, dinner with friends...

The conversation revolves around decoration and everything that could be improved in a house or apartment, to a unanimous conclusion: toilets rarely have style. While the various creative elements added by the various designers add a little charm, the flap is often chosen by default.

Unavoidable in our interiors but hitherto banal, this useful everyday object is nevertheless a new and unexploited medium of expression. So why not make it artistic and design ?

Julien, who is passionate about contemporary art, took this conversation at its word. In 2013, he launched TohaaDesign, a unique concept in the style of an art gallery dedicated to flaps.


Entrepreneur and passionate about contemporary art in all its forms, Julien selects directly, in conjunction with his team, the artists with whom he is personally involved.

Experienced in manufacturing techniques, he also rigorously supervises the industrial part in order to offer toilet seats that comply with the highest quality standards.

Its priority : to turn a useful everyday object into a decorative object in its own right.

Its objective : to offer a creative and unique collection of toilet seats made of noble materials.

Its values : quality, know-how, innovation and originality.

His motto : "The essence of a project is the perfect harmony between the aesthetic, the useful and the just". Frank Lloyd Wright.


The manufacturing and printing process is essential in order not to distort the artists' works and to be absolutely faithful to the original canvas. A real challenge! After several months of research, testing and fine-tuning, the project finally comes to fruition.

TohaaDesign has selected its industrial partner with the utmost care in order to offer a range of high quality toilet seats: noble materials, chrome steel hinges and a finishing lacquer that ensures protection and extreme shine. Nothing is left to chance because decoration must rhyme with quality !

Art being the main actor of our project, we are finally making it a point of honour to enrich the range of new artistic collaborations, with French and international artists.

All the works of the artists with whom we collaborate are protected by copyright as well as registered under the TohaaDesign trademark.

Arrow wc-seat ©

Glossy and lacquered on all 4 sides ©

Model Projection ©


One of our priorities is to offer you high quality seat covers at the best price. All our models are registered.

Discover our collection, available exclusively on the Tohaadesign.fr website, etand deliverable to your home within 2 to 3 days.

Any questions ? We are available by mail :

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It is still the others who speak best about our concept store and our products. And it's a good thing they tested them for you !

Loobow parle de Tohaa Design
Elle Décoration parle de Tohaa Design