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2 new artistic collaborations at TohaaDesign

Artiste 2019-07-09

2 new artistic collaborations

The TohaaDesign team is proud to announce 2 new artistic collaborations : A Pop Art work signed KHOSRAVI, as well as a refined photograph signed LMP..

KHOSRAVI : a promising first collaboration !

KHOSRAVI's creations have a dreamlike depth that invites you to travel.

Happily blending various influences, it testifies to a horror of emptiness and reveals an overflowing imagination.

His brightly coloured works catch the eye that details infinitely, a multitude of motifs rubbing shoulders in an anarchy, perfectly organized ... very "Pop Art".

LMP : first designer of the TohaaDesign team

LMP is a Parisian photographer passionate about Urban Art.

Oscillating between the capital and the West of France, LMP testifies through its art of places and lights, merging instantaneity and infinity.

Combining a concern for colours, materials and details, LMP has designed the pure ORSAY model.